The ORAC5.0 database presents data obtained from ORAC analyses using 5 different free radical sources, all of which are present and may be responsible for oxidative stress within the human body. The results from these analyses indicate the relative ability of the specific food or dietary supplement to protect against each radical source. These analyses are "test tube" chemical analyses and may not totally reflect what occurs during digestion and absorption of the components within this food. For additional information, see FAQ #12 regarding the advantages of the ORAC assay.

NDB Number: 11294

Food Group: Vegetables and Vegetable Products
Description: Onions, sweet, raw

ORAC-Peroxyl: 579 (umol TE/100 g)

ORAC-Hydroxyl: 1613 (umol TE/100 g)

ORAC- Peroxynitrite: 44 (umol TE/100 g)

ORAC-Superoxide: 3027 (umol TE/100 g)

ORAC-Singlet Oxygen: 4974 (umol TE/100 g)

ORAC data for all radicals used are expressed as µmole Trolox Equivalents (TE) per 100 g and are for the edible portion of the food. A "hydrophilic extract" was used for all samples for these analyses.

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