NDB Number: 09078

Food Group: Fruit and Fruit Juices
Description: Cranberries, raw
Water (%): 86.17

Hydrophilic-ORAC-Mean: 8888 (umol TE/100 g)
Hydrophilic-ORAC-SEM: 200
Hydrophilic-ORAC-Min: 8394
Hydrophilic-ORAC-Max: 9519

Lipophilic-ORAC-Mean: 202 (umol TE/100 g)
Lipophilic-ORAC-SEM: 10
Lipophilic-ORAC-Min: 161
Lipophilic-ORAC-Max: 229

Total-ORAC-Mean: 9090 (umol TE/100 g)
Total-ORAC-SEM: 199
Total-ORAC-Min: 8596
Total-ORAC-Max: 9679

Total ORAC/Serving: 8888 µmoles
Serving Size: 100
SS Units: g, cup

Total Phenolics: 503 (mg GAE/100 g)
Total Phenolics-SEM: 86
Total Phenolics-Min: 287
Total Phenolics-Max: 725

Number of samples included: 6
Ref. No.: 73, 74
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ORAC expressed as µmole Trolox Equivalents (TE) per 100g or Serving (SS).
Total Phenolics (TP) expressed as mg Gallic Acid Equivalents (GAE) per 100g.
SEM = Standard Error of Mean. mg expressed as Gallic Acid Equivalents (GAE) per 100g.

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