Dietary Polyphenolics and Health; New review published discussing mechanisms of action beyond antioxidant effects

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Two databases exist that can be searched. The largest database (ORAC-Main) contains ORAC data using the peroxyl free radical for bioactive or antioxidant components soluble in aqueous (ORAC-Hydrophilic) and/or lipid (ORAC-Lipophilic) phases. This data set also contains values for Total Phenolics measured by the Folin reaction.

In the second database (ORAC5.0), ORAC data using five different free radical sources (Peroxyl, Hydroxyl, Peroxynitrite, Superoxide, and Singlet Oxygen) are available. ORAC assays using the additional free radical sources have been developed recently, so there is not as much data available for different foods with all radical sources, so the number of different foods or dietary supplements included is limited. However, new data will continue to be added as it becomes available.

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